About us

PSE Präzisionsspannelemente GmbH is the international seller of products an services for clamping an palleting of workpieces in the toolmaking and mould making sector.

Our company developes and distributes clamping systems for the sinking and Wire-EDM sector as well as palleting systems. This year we are celebrating our 21th anniversary. We have etablished ourselves in a difficult market segment and are proud that operating groups like (Bosch, Tyco, Bjb, Fohoba, Braun etc.) rank among our regular customers.

Our central task is offer you an inexpansive alternative to conventional clamping systems, to optimise your production process and to increase your efficiency. With PSE systems you will achive a considerable increase in production with low costs at the same time.

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PSE WIRE-EDM-Tooling or Chucking Program is compatible with products of the most well-known systems on the market. We sell exclusively high-quality products at a favorable price. With a thought-through combination of vices, clamping elements and clamping beams you will be able to clamp all conceivable workpieces. PSE Systems are in regards to a price-performance ratio superior to the products of other sellers.