Product news

Here is a quick overview of our current products and news.

WIRE TOOLING Base Strips including accesories


Our new base strips, with their large selection of accessories, are perfect for flexible use on the machine table. With the various pendulum holders, even round workpieces can be easily clamped.



With our WEDM clamping system for wire EDM machines you are very flexible, even with changing requirements. With flat chucks, 3D pendulum head, frame set and a variety of accessories, numerous…

3D pendulum head for flat chuck WEDM


The WDN15HP-80 S 3D pendulum head fits on the flat chuck and is used to quickly align the workpiece in three axes. The workpiece can also be preset outside the machine in a presetting position and…

Wire erosion accessories + chuck


PSE chuck and Wire-EDM tooling is well designed regarding the precision and stability. PSE Wire-EDM tooling - highest precision and very easy to handled  Every component is hardened and…

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